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We offer insurance against most common alien abduction scenarios where the person is abducted by the extra terrestrial beings and is taken away from Earth to alien spaceship. The insurance will give you peace of mind and generous compensation will help you gather your strenght and move on with your life after alien abduction incident.

Our affordable insurance policies start from $ 25 and compensation amount may rise up to $ 10 000 000 depending on the plan you will select.

Why get an insurance?

Since the 1950s the amount of alien abduction claims have raised dramatically, and they are still trending high across the world. While the sighting of UFO is spread out around the world, the most cases of alien abduction happens in USA and other English speaking countries. Till today over 60'000 different alien abduction policies have been sold. Don't wait until it's too late, get yourself covered before it happens!

5-6% of people have experiences some sort of interaction with UFOs

3,7 million Americans claim that they have been abducted by aliens

Compensation up to $ 10 million in case of alien abduction.

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You can buy Alien Abbuction Insurance for yourself, for member of your family or as gift to your friend or loved one.
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Compensation Ammount $ 10 000 000
Cost of insuranse $ 210

The insured person will receive compensation only if he has been abducted by extra terrestrial beings. All claims must be done only by the insured person himself. Read whole terms here.

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